How to Use Bluehost Hosting to Create WordPress Sites

How to Use Bluehost Hosting to Create WordPress Sites

Hello and welcome to In this tutorial will get an idea how to use BlueHost to create a WordPress website within a few minutes. BlueHost makes it very easy to set up a website without any technical knowledge. And by the end of this article, you will able to publish your website within a few steps. Let’s get started.

What is the Hosting for

Hosting is  where your website is stored so that users can access it online. And the website address is the domain (i.e. We recommend using BlueHost for hosting and domain acquisition. This is because Bluehost is the best and most reliable option. And I have organized a pretty cool discount to save you some money. Click Here to get a 51-71% discount on hosting plan with Free Domain and SSL + CDN.

When you visit BlueHost click Host Your Site and choose your desire hosting plan that works best for your plan. Then you’ve to choose a short and memorable domain name. Which will be your brand new domain or use your existing one. Now question is:

What is a Domain Name

A domain name is an unique text for a website. That maps to a numeric IP address which one used to access a website. Basically the actual address of a website is a complex numerical IP address. But with DNS users are able to assign a human-friendly domain names like ‘‘ and route to their desire website. Now its time to choose your domain:

All domain names are managed by the domain registrar, which delegates domain name reservations to the registrar. Anyone who wants to create a website can register their domain name with the registrar.

BlueHost Free Domain

Update Account Information

After choosing your best domain enter your account information by unchecking any extra options you don’t need. Enter your payment information to settle for the terms of use and submit.

BlueHost Account Information

Once confirming that your purchase, you’ve to create an associate account. You’ve to enter your necessary information and complete the account registration. Logged in to your BlueHost account, that already has your hosting plan and domain.

Update WordPress Theme

Marking WordPress website terribly simple with BlueHost, WordPress is pre-installed on your web site saving you a step. For login to your WordPress dashboard just click WordPress from your BlueHost account. This may take you to your WordPress dashboard wherever you’ll be able to edit your web site.

BlueHost DeshBoard

You may see your custom name and the default style that comes with WordPress. To put your WordPress site a professional look you’ve to replace the theme with dummy data. You will get dozens of free theme in the appearance area. But I always recommend Astra, Neve, OceanWP etc. as replacement theme. Choose your desire theme and click on Install and activate the theme.

Wordpress Theme Section

All of the mentioned theme comes with Elementor Plugins. The Elementor make much easier for editing website appearance. You’ll be able to preview any modification before publish. Hopefully you may agree that now your website outlook much better from the default style. Furthermore may get multiple pre-made pages that extremely cuts down the time. Now update or edit your website easily by this awesome plugin.

Publish your Website

Now click on “Coming Soon Active” from the top menu bar then click on “Launch your site”.

BlueHost WordPress Launch Your Site

Without any delay your web site will represent your content to the beautiful people in the world wide web. Congratulations. You’ve hosted your 1st domain in BlueHost

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Windows 10 Tips Hidden Tricks How To Use Shortcuts

Windows 10 Tips Hidden Tricks How To Use Shortcuts

Windows 10 Tricks You NEED to Use in 2022

In the desktop operating system world Windows 10 is the most popular one. Most of us will continue to use this operating system for the foreseeable future. Even if you use it every day, there is a lot to learn. Whether you’re knowledgeable or comfortable, these tips will help you get the most out of your Windows 10 experience. These tips for Windows 10 can actually make a difference. Some of these tricks may be new or have been there for a while but they’re mostly used.

Windows 10 Multitasking in Desktop

Most of us have multiple applications opened at the same time and in the same window while working. The fastest way to switch between these apps on Windows is to use the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut. But whenever you’re working on multitasking then it’s better to distribute all apps on multiple desktops. For this obviously we need multiple desktop / monitors but if you don’t have an extra monitor don’t need to worry about it. Windows 10 has virtual desktop options to recover it. Just press Win + Tab now at the top left corner you’ll see the New Desktop button.

Create Windows 10 virtual desktop

Just click on to create a new desktop as you desire. Now drag and drop your application to the new desktop but what is the shortcut to switch between desktops? Yes, just press Win + CTRL + Left for previous desktop and Win + CTRL + Right for next desktop. To show all desktops at a time with work history just press Win + Tab. So, from now you don’t need to overload one window and I’m pretty much sure you’ll love it

Turn on the Ridiculous Turbo Mode

Now not many know of this Windows 10 has a high performance mode that you can turn on to make sure that your hardware is running at peak performance. This is Windows ridiculous mode but most people will actually never see it because it’s only enabled by default for workstations. So, how can you enable it? Click on the windows start button and type power then Power & Sleep Setting appear on the list and click on it. You will also get it under system setting. Now click on additional power settings which will take you to the power options usually you’ll see these power plans balanced, power saver and high performance.

Win 10 high performance mode

If you can’t see the high performance mode then click on show additional plans. Now we can enable the high performance plan. This mode will essentially disable all power saving features in exchange for best possible performance. But the plan does not recommend for all the time use because it will prioritize performance over energy efficiency. Only for essential projects when you want to use the additional energy it may come in handy and you can always change back to the balance plan afterwards.

Turn off Windows 10 background apps

Each app that’s running in the background is draining your battery and making your computer slower. The background apps can continue to perform actions even when you don’t have them open. It may make sense for some apps to update in the background like your email and your calendar or the weather app. But for most of them it’s not necessary and just to be clear, preventing an app from running in the background doesn’t mean you can’t use it. It just means it won’t be running in the background when you’re not using it. From the start menu click on settings select privacy and then scroll down to background apps to change the setting. You can either turn off background apps completely or disable each one depending on what you want by scrolling down the list of apps.

Turn off windows 10 background apps

And while we’re in here also check out all the other privacy settings you have under windows and apps permissions. For example, which apps can access your camera/microphone and so on or in activity history double check your options about what’s being recorded and shared with Microsoft regarding your usage of apps and services. Just go through and think about which data you want to share and which permissions you want to give to apps because most of it is going to be turned on by default which may not be in your interest.

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