How to Extract Text from Image using Microsoft Word

How to Extract Text from Image using Microsoft Word

In this step-by- step tutorial, learn how to extract Text from Image using Microsoft Word. You can extract text and characters from scanned PDF documents (including multi page files), photos and digital camera captured images. Any type of images like JPG, PNG and PDF can be converted into text. Extract text from scanned PDF documents, photos and captured images without payment.

Extract Text from Image using Microsoft Word

You may wondering how you could take a sheet of text and convert it into text using Microsoft Word. You don’t need any other paid applications except for Microsoft Word to be able to do this well. So how do we take this piece of text and convert it into text on my computer. At first if you don’t have scanned copy then take a picture of the image with smartphone or camera. Now save it as JPEG or PNG to your computer. So here I’m on my desktop and I’ve actually finished those steps so we don’t have to jump through those. Here I’m going to open up the image that I took actually collected from Google.

Insert Image in Word Document

So you have the image and want to edit this text well. How do you do that? You can simply do this using Microsoft Word as you see in the title. We would use Microsoft Word to do this and we’re going to create a blank document. Now we’re going to drag and drop the image into the word document. The file is imported to word file but still the text is not editable. How do I edit the text? Microsoft could probably make this a little bit easier where you’ll see and option called convert to text. Now we’re going to do is go to file and then save as PDF on the desktop.

So I’m gonna just save this file to my desktop so we’re gonna just save it as say convert to text now. But what we’re going to do is save as a type instead of just saving it as a document. What we want to do is we want to save this as a PDF. Now you can open it with any Browser or PDF reader. And it shows me the PDF that I just saved with that image now.

Extract Text from Image

One of the beautiful things that you can do with words is when you open a PDF word automatically converts that PDF to text. So that’s how we get that’s basically how we get the text into Word so let’s try that. Now I’ll go to open file and we’re gonna go to just onto the desktop and then I see my convert to text PDF so let’s try opening that file. Now I’m gonna click on that and it says word will now convert your PDF to an editable or a document. That’s exactly what we want. This might take a while the resulting Word document will be optimized and I can edit the text.

So it might not look exactly like the original PDF that’s fine so we’re gonna click on OK and so right now it’s doing the conversion and there you go it says basically all the text from the sheet and see here I could type alongside it.

Compare extract text from image

It’s time to compare extract text from image and we gonna do it. Let’s open up this document and we’re gonna open it next to the original image. So I’m gonna put the image on one side and the document on the other side.

Here you can see it did a pretty good job here you know it says go paperless go paperless user democracy vouchers online how’s the URL and then it has the different sections the one thing that missus didn’t include this questions but otherwise it did a pretty good job at taking this text from just a random mailing. I got in the mail and I was able to take a picture with my phone, save it as an image and then bring it into Word and here I can edit. I can do whatever I want with any of the text.

You can do this with any type of document just take a picture and bring it into Word and then you can go ahead and edit the text it’s pretty simple to do you only need word and then your cell phone or some type of phone or camera any camera will work and you could do this if you were able to successfully bring text into Word and now we were able to edit it.

Warm Up

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