How to Add Watermark in MSword Make Confidential Document

In this step-by- step tutorial, learn how to add watermark in Microsoft Word to make the document confidential. You can use default one, like disclosure, urgent or confidential or can also customize as your need. You can acclimate the fountain, size, color, and indeed the translucency. We also look at how to use picture in this purpose. In this article you’ll learn how to insert a watermark into a Microsoft Word document. Maybe you have a secret document that you don’t want to share with anyone. You can throw on a top-secret message.

Add or Insert WaterMark

First of all for presenting purpose we collected a document from Google and now we will insert preset watermark then will see how to customize it. All right, let’s check this out here. Here is a secret document open in Microsoft Word for demonstration purpose. Now if you don’t want to share this out, so need to add a top-secret message which can help to keep it a little bit safer.

Microsoft Word Sample File

To insert a watermark go to design tab menu. Within the design over on the right-hand side you’ll see an option for Watermark. See, it’s really easy to insert a watermark. There is a set of confidential watermarks, disclaimers and also urgent. Now select the one that says confidential and that inserts a confidential text into the document. It’s already starting to feel a little bit more official. If you’ve multiple page in the document then the watermark carries over to the other pages too. That’s one thing to keep in mind when you’re working on a document.

Microsoft Word Watermark

Now confidential works Okay but now need to add some more official text that’ll make sure not sharing this document.


I’ll go right back up to the top and once again I’ll click on Watermark and down at the bottom there’s the option to Custom WaterMark. Let’s click on that. This opens up a dialogue where I can now customize it. You can start with a text-based, so go down to the bottom section.

Microsoft Word WaterMark Options

Right here you can choose a language. Here you see a drop down where you can view all options, but I could also type in text to customize the it. Here you can type any text as your desire. Down below, you can also set the font and size of the font. Currently it’s set to auto and that’ll ensure a best fit. You can also set the color as you like. Pick a color from options look like and right next to color, there’s also an option called semi transparent. This will wash out the watermark just a little bit more. So maybe the watermark is a little bit too dark and it interferes with your text. Well, you could set it to semi transparent. Down at the very bottom you can also choose the layout. You could have the text go Diagonally across the document, or across Horizontally. The text works OK, but if you a little bit more serious then try inserting a picture watermark. Right here, select picture watermark and then select a file on my PC. You can insert your brand logo or any custom typography. If you don’t have any readymade brand logo it’s easy to made from Canva. You can try it from HERE.

Remove from Document

To remove a watermark within this dialog at the very top, I can simply click on no watermark. Back on the main screen, I can also remove the it by going back up to design, watermark, and within this list down towards the bottom, there’s the option to remove the watermark. All right, that’s how easy it is to insert a watermark and to keep the secret document safe.

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